The Local Speech Pathologist



Yes, that's me in my office! Beep. Beep.

Yes, that's me in my office! Beep. Beep.


I am a paediatric speech pathologist that grew up in Sydney, Australia. I am currently living in London, and working as a speech and language therapist (I fit in European travel adventures where possible!) I look forward to bringing home some more specialist speechie skills in 2018.

I have experience providing intervention to children with speech and language difficulties and I enjoy working with toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children.

I have also worked in the disability sector for over three years and I am confident in providing intervention to children with a global developmental delay or a diagnosed disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other rare diseases affecting communication. I have worked to support children who have not yet developed spoken language access alternative and augmentative communication through a Picture Communication System, Key Word Sign and utilising electronic devices. 

I am a Hanen Certified presenter to run the popular parent program 'It Takes Two to Talk'. I particularly enjoy running language groups at schools, and facilitating group times at childcares. I am a passionate supporter of 'peer-modelling' to support childrens' social and emotional development. 

As part of the intervention service, I will work with you, your child and your community to set functional and meaningful goals. In partnership with one another, we can help your child communicate to the best that they can. 

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